Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finding Rest in Him!

Well, I must state the obvious here, but God is amazing!!! It's been that week where all the stress and anxiety you've built up in your mind just works out so simply that you feel a little foolish for getting all worked up in the first place! I wrote last of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all the really good things that were getting in the way of things being great. We have made some changes, dropped some things that were difficult to let go and are now seeming to settle into a easier groove.

My lesson: God ALWAYS has a plan. If I could just learn to really rest in Him, how much simpler would life be!


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  1. So glad to hear that you've found some peace! I'd love to chat and hear more about what you had to let go to make that happen. I need to do some of that over here, I think!