MSB Science Plans

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Each week, you can introduce the science lesson by watching the Magic School Bus episode either on Netflix or DVD. Follow with the coordinating book (I get mine from the library) on Day 2. Gather your supplies and do the project for Day 3 (Don't forget to take lots of pictures! These are great memories!) If you have a subscription to BrainPop Jr., you can watch their video and even take the easy quiz on Day 4. The optional writing projects for day 5 may be started earlier in the week, if you'd like, and be completed by Day 5.

Netflix Disc Topic Day 1: DVD Day 2: Book Day 3: Project Day 4: BrainPop Day 5: Writing
S1 E12 2 Ants Gets Ants
in its Pants
Ant Cities DIY Ant Farm Amazing Ant Facts Hey Little Ant, Hoose
S1 E5 1 Habitat Hops Home ABC's of Habitats Habitats Matching Frogs Animal Scientist
S4 E4 7 Wetlands Gets Swamped A Wetland Habitat Wetlands Diorama Freshwater  Habitats Pond Observation
S4 E12 8 Urban Wildlife In The City Backyard Habitats Birdfeeder Rural, Suburban, and Urban Animal Report
S3 E12 6 Rainforests In The Rainforest A Rainforest Habitat Rainforest in a Jar Rainforests Rainforest Research Report
S4 E11 8 Coral Reefs Takes a Dive Life in a Coral Reef Ocean Waves Bottle Ocean Habitats Sea Turtle
S1 E7 1 Desert All Dried Up A Desert Habitat Desert Dunes with Straws Desert Desert Informative
S2 E12 4 Warm/Cold Blooded Cold Feet What Color is Camouflage Invisible Ink Camouflage Invisible for a Day
S2 E9 3 Bats Going Batty Zipping Bats Bat House Kit Moon Bat Poem
S3 E2 5 Spiders Spins a Web Charlotte's Web (book or movie) Parts of a Spider Form Classifying Animals I Know Spiders
S1 E9 2 Kitchen Chemistry Gets Ready, Set, Dough MSB Gets Baked in a Cake Yeast/Vinegar -> Blow up Balloon Physical & Chemical Changes How to Blow a Bubble
S4 E6 6 Molecules Meets Molly Cule Molly and Wally Molecule Build Molecules Changing States of Matter States of Matter Book
S3 E1 4 Heat In The Arctic Hot and Cold Hot/Cold Water Experiment Arctic Habitats Polar Bear
S3 E5 5 Light Bright Idea Light: Shadows Mirrors Rainbows Prism Light I Have an Idea
S1 E8 2 Sound Haunted House Sounds All Around Plastic Cup Phones Sound Heard Christmas Eve
S4 E10 7 Smell Makes A Stink Sensational Sense Smell Mystery Scents Writing with Senses Describe Cookie pgs. 6-7
S1 E4 1 Food Chain Gets Eaten Who Eats What? Food Chain Stacking Cups Food Chain Food Chain Writing
S1 E2 1 Digestion For Lunch What Happens Hamburger?Digestion in a Bag Digestive System Sequence Journey of Food
S1 E3 1 Germs Inside Ralphie Germs Make Me SickGlo Germ Kit Washing Hands Why We Wash Hands
S2 E2 3 Body Mechanics Flexes it's Muscles Me and My Amazing Body How Muscles Work Muscles Build Strong Sentences
S4 E5 7 Cells Goes Cellular Enjoy Your Cells
Edible Cell
Going to the Doctor
Cell Phone Report $2.50
S3 E9 5 Circulation Works Out The Amazing Circulatory SystemParts of Blood Heart Heart Map
S1 E1 1 Solar System Lost in Space There's No Place Like SpaceSolar System Mobile Solar System Astronaut Application
S2 E11 4 Space Rocks Out of this World Space RockRock Candy Rocks and Minerals About Rocks
S4 E7 7 Stars Sees Stars Glow-In-The-Dark ConstellationsFlashlight Constellations Sun Letter to Favorite Star
S4 E8 7 Gravity Gains Weight Newton and MeEarth, Moon, Mars Gravity Gravity If I Could Fly
S3 E3 5 Structures Under Construction Look at that BuildingBuild Leprechaun Trap Homes Leprechaun Trap Plan Kit
S2 E10 4 Energy Getting Energized Energy IslandDominoes Transfer Energy Energy Sources My Superpower
S4 E9 7 Electricity Gets Charged How Ben Franklin Stole the LightningStatic Cling Experiment Making Observations Diamante Poetry
S4 E3 7 Air Pressure Goes on Air Curious George and the Hot Air BalloonMarshmallow Shooter Lungs When I Grow Up
S4 E1 6 Eggs Cracks a Yolk Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection EggsRubber Glow Egg He Is Risen Easter Acrostic
S3 E13 6 Erosion Rocks and Rolls ErosionPop Bottle Erosion Slow Land Changes How to Make Dirt Dessert
S1 E6 1 Decomposition Meets the Rot Squad Compost StewPop Bottle Compost Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Recycle Boring Words
S3 E11 6 Photosynthesis Gets Planted Photosynthesis: Changing Sunlight into FoodPlant Leaf Experiment Parts of a Plant Spring Writing Flower


  1. Thank you, how could I make the links in your plan work?

    1. Are the links above (on this blog) not working for you?

  2. I can't seem to download this. Not sure what I'm doing wrong??? Thanks!

    1. This page is meant to be for online reference only. To download the file, just hop over to this link:

    2. I cannot seem to find the excel file to download

    3. I don't see the file on the Teachers Pay Teachers link.

  3. For the Desert Habitat Unit, there is a writing assignment on BrainPop that is really cool for the younger grades.

    1. Thank you, Karalynn! I will definitely check that out.

  4. I don't see day 5... the full page is not loading.

  5. Thanks so much! This looks great. We are studying anatomy this year and several of the weeks will work out great for that.

  6. just discovered this and am in love. My question for you is this - the spreadsheet only offers one book and one experiment and one writing assignment per topic, yet on your blog you show an example of the ant study with an additional book hey little ant and a really amazing worksheet with 3 categories ants can, have and are. #1 where can I find that specific worksheet and #2 where can I find an extended list that includes more books and worksheets?

    1. #1 The worksheet was just an extra I used with my son. You can find it here I also like this unit as well The beauty of these plans is that they can work as a stand-alone or a foundation to add anything you like.

      #2 The additional column (5) was hidden on some computers. I finally figured out how to add a scroll bar at the bottom so that shouldn't be an issue anymore. Yeah!

  7. I thank you so much for this! I have a Kindergarden/1st grader and we blew through the science curriculum I had for the year already. We both enjoy the magic school bus and she enjoys doing science projects but I was stressing over having to find a project each week. My family is enjoying the benefits of all of your hard work and efforts. Thank you so much for making this available to us. We appreciate you!

  8. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! wow!!! Thanks so much for all the hard work of putting this together!

  9. Thank You!!! I had already planned to use Magic School Bus for part of our Science curriculum so this is amazing!

  10. Do you have to subscribe to Brain Pop? Or are the video's free? I've watched a few and now it's asking for my log in.

    1. I had the same problem the past couple of days. It's $160 for a homeschool family! Yikes!

  11. ok so quick question are there quizzes anywhere to see if they are retaining what they are learning? And do you think this is enough for a 3rd grader?? i know my daughter would love it. I just want to make sure she stays up with her class in case she ever has to go back to school. I just don't know what to do.. any help would be great as its my first year.


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