Friday, October 12, 2012

Apple Unit

As I mentioned in an earlier post,  I am creating thematic units for my first grader's history and science lessons. I plan these to last 2 weeks per topic, and we do it three days each week. My friend and I are both doing these units with our boys and at the end of our unit, we get together for a theme-related snack and craft. Now that it's fall, of course we had to have an apple theme. Here's what we did:

Read:  How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World
Find each country listed in the story on a world map
Play this game from 

 Read:  Apples Grow on a Tree, Mari Schuh

Read:  It's An Apple Tree! Elisa Peters

Read:   Johnny Appleseed, A. Smith
Watch the Johnny Appleseed DVD 

Read: Apple Fractions

Group Day: 

Thanks to all the great teachers and bloggers for sharing their creations for us to enjoy! The next unit I'll be posting is our Ocean unit! 

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  1. We loved seeing the "Drew's" making pies!! What a great job boys!