Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's that time again!

I don't know about you, but this household is all a bustle in those last few days before school starts. Our first day is August 20th, so we're heading into our last week of summer vacation. I can't believe it!

We moved in June, so this has been a crazier summer than ever! But back to business now, I'm participating in the Not Back To School Blog Hop over at

Sixth Grade (boo hoo! She can't be in 6th grade already!)

  • Electives
    • Spanish using Powerspeak (through our school district)
    • Sign Language (Co-op)
    • Tennis

Fourth Grade

    • Electives
      • Elementary LEGineering  (Co-op)
      • Gymnastics
      • Sign Language

    First Grade

    • History & Science
      • American History  & Science through children's literature
        • come back and visit my blog and I'll tell you all about this each week!
      • The Little Man in the Map (used this with my older 2 and LOVED it!)

    • Electives
      • Beginning Robotics (Co-op)
      • Nifty 50 States (Co-op)
      • Gymnastics
      • Sign Language
    Well, that's the plan! I hope you are doing well with all those last minute details and wish everyone their most fantastic year ever!  Still need help narrowing down your curriculum choices? Try HomeEd Expert to give you some better direction!

    Next week... the schoolroom. Uh oh, better get off to working on that right now!


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    2. Hi Carrie! I know, I can't believe it's that time of year again already! Hope you are enjoying your new home! So I guess this means you're not coming back to Hometeam? ): We will miss seeing you all! BTW, today starts the week for showing your school room at the NBTS blog hop! I would to see yours! Have a great year! Maybe we can meet up sometime for a field trip together or something! (:

    3. I am not a homeschooler(just a teen who enjoys reading blogs about it oh yeah and giving my homeschooling aunt ideas)Anyway I love the For Girls Only! Devotion Book even if i am a too old for it technicallily speaking but who cares?