Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is it June yet?

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite that burned out, but I have to admit, this year is off to a surprisingly exhausting start. We are using great curriculum, involved in wonderful group classes, sports, and church activities. But all of that great stuff has left me feeling kinda like I'm steering a ship through a tornado. 

Is it just me? Has this "back to school" season left anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed?  Perhaps it's time to change my focus. While I fully believe in a rich, thorough, quality education, I am asking myself to prayerfully evaluate what that looks like for OUR family. What good things are getting in the way of our best learning? How can we as a family, truly enjoy this journey together?

I will keep you posted on our progress through this chaos and hope you are loving this new school year and the wonderful opportunities to grow and learn with your children.


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