Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Back! Scholastic's $1 E-Books

Scholastic's Teacher Express store is having their $1 e-book sale from now through November 8th!


These are the same content as the paper copy books, but you can use them to print off multiple copies for all your students, or you can simply use some of the book's pages for specific studies, after all, they're only a dollar, right?

Next week, I will be posting some tips on what resources we have finally settled on for this year's state studies for multiple grades. But since one is included in this sale: I'll give a little sneak peak on one of them. For my 5th and 7th grade girls, we added Scholastic's 50 Great States Read & Solve Crossword Puzzles. Each state has a summary page that covers the highlights: capital, major cities, exports, famous people, etc.  The girls read the summary and then answer questions on the following page to complete the crossword puzzle. It has really helped lock those facts in their memories. I don't know about you, but just reading the information TO them, results in glazed over looks on thier barely awake faces very little memory retention.

I hope you snatch up some great finds on this sale! Just be careful! That "It's only more dollar!" voice can get you in some trouble, I speak from experience here! This will not be the last time they'll do this, I promise! It'll be okay to pace yourself! Shop on, my friends!


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