Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/18/13

This weekend, we took a little trip to our friends' farm for a Fall Harvest Festival. It was such a beautiful day and everyone had such a great time. They had a bounce house, face-painting, pumpkin-painting, sack races, yummy food, a pumpkin slingshot, tractor rides and my absolute favorite - tricolor Rice Krispie treats made to look like candy corn. What can I say, I love Rice Krispie treats!  Hats off to my dear friend who always  throws a great party! 

Monday was my sweet hubby's birthday so the kids and I made this little message out of their bodies! The best part of this gift was how hysterically we laughed while trying to pose them. All the "Her bottom's in my face" and "Hurry, I'm falling over!" had me in stitches. We had to redo a couple of shots because I was giggling so hard, I shook the camera. Dad LOVED his surprise so it was definitely a winner!

As for our schooling, we learned about cold-blooded animals and camouflage in our Magic School Bus science. We made some invisible ink out of equal parts of water and baking soda. I was a little skeptical that this simple solution would do the trick, but it totally worked! I have a feeling there will soon be lots of little secret messages around our house.

For his writing assignment, he wrote about what he would do if he were invisible for a day. Get it, camouflage and being invisible??? Here's what he wrote:

How adorable is this!
In art, the kids made a color wheel and then practiced designing circles using primary, secondary, warm and cool colors. Miss 7th grade loves art, but I think she enjoyed the company more!

 Well, that's it for us on a pretty slow week! I hope you had a great one!



  1. You birthday gift rocked! You are so creative. And rice krispie treats our one of my all-time favorites too! :)