Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of the year wrap-up

This was a difficult blogging year because of both crazy schedules and issues with our camera and computer. So, since I was able to get a new laptop and a new camera this year (so blessed!), I thought I'd wrap up our year with some highlights from our second semester. 
 Organizing my home library to sort history and historic fiction books into 50 year sections. Helpful so we don't move past an era of history only to find a great correlating book weeks later :) Ok, so this was my highlight, not the kids. But hey, I was excited about it!
 Before our trip to see the Symphony Orchestra, we constructed our own set to see where all the instruments would be one the stage. The concert culminated with the theme song from Star Wars, so it was a huge hit with my kids!
 Yeah!! Finished Level 1 of Spelling and began Level 2! Also finished his first grade math book in the spring and moved right into the next one! LOVE that we can do that!
 Playing with our new snap circuits kit.
AWANA Grand Prix! My oldest won 3rd for her design of a Surf Board car.

 Studying all about the Tabernacle in our Bible lessons, so... we built one!
Had some baby chicks visit with us some friends of ours after their church's Easter egg hunt.
 Our new little kitty, Chloe :)

 Awesome study buddy!

 Making Grace Gardens for Easter

 Painting a Lupine after reading Miss Rumphius
 During our study of Pioneers, the girls got to try a "sampler" of cross stitching.  They actually liked it and spent hours working on their projects!

 Our vet-to-be got her first stethoscope in her favorite color, purple! Our new vet office was so kind to answer all her questions about vets for her research paper, give her a tour of the vet office and even let her listen to our kitty's heartbeat.
 We read The Bee Tree and a poor bumble bee that croaked on our front porch became a perfect study specimen.
 Had some fun with magnifying glasses burning blades of grass on the driveway.

 Gymnastics show! My little cowgirl got great scores and moved up to the pre-team class!!! Congrats, sweetie!
 Last week of school. I put a paper with the day's activities in each balloon. The kids took turns popping the balloon each morning to find out what activity was planned for the day.

 Last week of school trip to the zoo!

Last week of school: Wacky Experiment Day! 

We had our ups and downs, but overall this was our best year yet! I am so amazed at the growth in my children this year, both academically and in their maturity. While we are just beginning our summer break, I am already excited about our upcoming year and all we will get to experience together!

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