Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loading up my library!

Every teacher/homeschooler knows the need for great books. Most of the time, it works out fine to get your necessary books from the library, but sometimes, when you know it will be one that is going to take a while, you need to have those in your home library.  Then there are those favorites that your kiddos just love to peruse again and again. Well, how do you build your home library without going completely broke? USED BOOKS!!! 

Here are a couple of my favorite places to look:


This website gives you info on tons of great used book sales by location. I found sales at two of my local libraries in the same week and rounded up some great buys! The whole stack below (including a hardcover,  11-volume history encyclopedia set) came home with me for only $21. Whooo hoooo!

And the best part of bringing home a stack of "new" books --> the child who can't even get her coat off cause she's so lost in the book she picked!  Usually the libraries have Bag Sales on the last day as well. For $4 or $5 dollars, you can fill a paper grocery bag with any of the books there! I've gotten TONS of books this way as well!

 And when you need that specific book that you just can't seem to find anywhere, what do you do? Amazon is still expensive, eBay doesn't have it. hmm. Well, I turn to my favorite website to find used books: DealOz

I absolutely love this site as it searches many other used book stores including Amazon, eBay, AbeBooks and Better World books for the lowest prices! You can even sort by price to make that easy! Love, love, love this website!

I get no compensation from either of these sites.  I just love them and wanted to share this great info with you!  Happy Shopping!

P.S. I have ordered frequently from Better World Books and have found them to be absolutely fabulous - their customer service staff were absolutely wonderful ---> highly recommended!


  1. I LOVE used books sales! You can find some amazing deals!!
    The Moffatt Girls

  2. That is a really good deal! We also visit our library during their book sells. One year I got a child's Spanish language kit for only $2. ~> I am very blessed because my kids are also big readers. They have always loved education stuff: books, history & animal documentary's on tv, playing games online (their fav is , etc. Great Blog! I will check out those book sites too. Thanks for sharing!