Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This week, I had to share my new absolute favorite toy! As a homeschooler, there is no shortage of paper around here. Seriously, I think we've taken out 2 or 3 Sequoias just this month! So how to keep all these papers organized? Well, I love the ease of spiral bound books, but the cost of binding made me feel like cumbersome 3-ring binders might not be so bad, right?

Enter the ProClick binding system. WOW! Ok, I know I'm a type-A who thinks with a labeler and color-coding the world is simply a happier place, but even the most laid-back personality would have to fall completely in love with this tool. This has all the benefits of a binder - you can add or remove pages anytime - with the easy-to-handle convenience of a spiral bound book. The machine itself is basically a 32 hole-puncher. You place your pages in, just like a typical hole puncher, but then slide the handle like a paper cutter, leaving 32 pretty little holes in the side. Then you take your spine (available in varied sizes) and slip the pages on.  Next, you steal the super fun tool back from your children so you can have a turn use the fun little zipper tool to close up the clips. This handy little doodad also opens all the clips in case you want to add or remove any pages. GENIUS!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool and think if you can think of any way at all you can justify the purchase have a need for a binding system, this is the tool to buy!

We bind printable workbook pages, we made an "Art this Year" book compiling all their beautiful creations in their own books, I created student planners for my older kids and the spiral binding makes it easy for them to take with them as they complete their studies in different areas of the house. We also plan to make a portfolio/yearbook... the possibilities are endless!

They are a bit pricey, but I got mine on eBay for 1/2 the price, so shop around!

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