Friday, April 6, 2012

Odds and Evens

So, it seems that as my children's teacher, I now have the inability to walk through any store without scanning items for learning potential! And dollar stores have been such a gold mine! Last week, in the quest to fill Easter baskets, we found this cute little bunny toy. My kids saw Easter fun, I saw a teachable moment! Tee hee hee!  I used this to work with my kindergartener on odds and evens.

He's already learned how to count by two's, so I told him "If you say the number when you count by two's, it's even. If not, it's odd" Then, I gave him the choice of 'being' odds or evens. He took evens, so I was odds. If he rolled an even number, he got to hop his white bunny up one spot. If he rolled an odd number, he stayed put. Then I rolled.  If I rolled an odd number, I'd hop my pink bunny up one spot. If I rolled an even number, I stayed put. The first to the finish line would win. My little competitor was all over this. He had odds and evens down in one day flat. Then, he challenged both his sisters and his dad at this game for the next two days! Great fun and great learning!

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