Monday, March 19, 2012

Zooooom...Screeeeech! I'm back!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! So sorry, but life has surely whirled into a tornado! Here's a quick recap of our last month. Whew, where to start? Well, we put our house on the market and have had to be ready at quite a short notice to welcome these shoppers into our home - try that while homeschooling, I dare you! Well, at least we are learning to be VERY flexible! 

Valentines Day brought some interesting candy reactions.

Then our homeschool co-op hosted a reptile day where my daughter made some great new 'friends'. Luckily none of them got secretly packed in her bag and hidden in her closet as a new secret pet! Mind you, all the while, her brother and sister were huddled together at the edge of the room trying to stay as far away as possible from all things scaley! 

To help with our writing, we made some Synonym Rolls to help use more descriptive words than the standard go-to's like 'said', 'nice', or 'happy' (thank you Pinterest!)

When my little Tonka was solving for unknowns with his Math U See curriculum, I told him to get his Indiana Jones hat and a magnifying glass to help him solve this mystery! As you can see, he had no problem getting into character! He is a character!

We are studying Ancient Greece and learned about the island of Thera that was 'swallowed' by a volcano. So what's a homeschool mama to do, but have the kids make volcanoes, right? This was so much fun. My girls have done this before, but for our kindergartener, it was a whole new experience.

None of them were too pleased with the smell of the vinegar, but when it touched my son's hands, well... you can just watch.

And my sweet little girl had to have an oral surgery last week. The stitches are out and she is healing very well. She was so excited to be able to eat her favorite snack again - pretzels -  for the first time today. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her safety through all of this. Poor baby is only 8 and has now had 2 surgeries!

 So, that's the scoop. I'm back to bloggin! I'll be back to share some new ideas very soon - I promise!

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