Monday, December 19, 2011


Wow! We finally made it to Christmas break! I have to say, this month has been challenging, crazy, chaotic, and downright overwhelming! It's been so difficult to keep that stiff upper lip and not give in to all those little voices telling me I was failing miserably. You know that feeling when you are doing so much, you wonder if you're doing any of it well? Then, I did it! I admitted to my friends that I was discouraged and many many friends reached out to me and offered encouragement! What a blessing Godly friends are! I was so shocked at the outpouring of support!

Then I saw it, the phrase that has haunted me each day. A friend posted on facebook "What if you only woke up with today, what you thanked God for yesterday?"  Wow, that was humbling. It really put it all in perspective for me. What is really important? A really clean house? Educating little prodigies? A ding in my new car?  Or perhaps in the midst of all this chaos and craziness, God was reminding me to keep my focus on what is truly important and to remember that HE is responsible for all those everyday little blessings in my life. Did I thank God for that safe new car? Did I thank him that I could afford those lessons I run my little ones to all week? Did I thank him for those children who may not be behaving, but have made my life so full and blessed? Did I thank him for all those 'aha' moments in educating my children and the chance to never miss those moments as we learn at home together?  In all the madness of this Christmas season, I encourage you to remember what is most important to you and to thank God for all those little things you wouldn't want to miss tomorrow. 

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  1. I love that you shared your heart. We all THINK everyone else has their act together, with perfect kids and a perfect life, but the truth is NONE of us do...if we did we wouldn't need the Lord!

    Thank you for being vulnerable! Your example to be for real is a lesson we all need to learn from. I love your heart and your crew and look forward to many great times in 2012!!