Friday, November 11, 2011

Such a Great Idea.... I thought!

It was a dreary Monday morning, but I was all-a-bustle in the living room setting up for our coolest kindergarten math activity yet - HOT WHEELS MATH! I saw this on Frugal Fun 4 Boys and HAD to try it! This was a home-run, guaranteed. I gathered my son's humongous pile of cars, printed a blank graph, grabbed a pencil and enthusiastically called my little Tonka into the room. Well, Mr. Fuzzlebuns decided he was not really in the mood for school on this rainy day and did not respond in the giddy fashion I was so sure he would!

Anyway, we sat together and sorted his cars into piles by color, added various colors together to see what they would total and even graphed the number of cars he owned in each color. After about 5 minutes of this tickle-me-pink activity, my son grumbled that he didn't want to do this. Grrrrrr. So in my "Mommy voice" I responded, "Well, would you rather just do your workbook?" sure that would convince him what fun he was having. Yep, not so much. He quickly responded with a sigh and said "Ok". Then he walked to his desk and sat with pencil in hand. Hmph! Well, I still think it's a fantastic idea and maybe we'll try it again - on a sunnier day!


  1. Yep, this is what most of my "great plans" turn into. I spend hours scouring idea books and sites to find the "perfect" activity or lesson, only to get a less than enthusiastic response from the kids. Oh well, at least *I* had fun- I think. LOL!

  2. Oh, Carrie, so many times I have been exactly where you were with the cars. Just yesterday I had my daughter do a super fun pigment experiment with fall leaves. She wasn't the least bit interested. She half-heatedly tried. When I stepped in to tweak things though, she quickly piped up that it was HER experiment. Kids. go figure!

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  3. Hey Carrie! This is Tabitha from FlapJack Educational Resources. Thanks so much for sharing my bottle cap activity! The password is 123. Hope that works for you. Great blog here!