Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color Week

 My Tonka guy and I covered colors last week. We read about colors and how they are made:

Then we tried mixing colors of our own. I took a little 6-slot egg carton and used markers to put the primary color dots in the first row. Then I put dots to show Tonka which colors to mix. I filled the primary spots with food-colored water and had him use an eye dropper to mix the colors.

Then we recorded our results on our Color Experiment sheet. Click the image below to get your own copy.

Ok, then as I was bumming through Walmart one day, I saw these brightly colored paint swatches and decided to use them for our color lessons as well. I brought them home (free cardstock!) and then pulled out my handy little cricut to make the letters to spell our color words. We listened to Dr. Jean's Color Farm song as we spelled them out! Lots of fun!

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