Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Friends!

On our 10th day of school, we introduced Zero the Hero! He comes every 10th day to help us understand place value. After digging through the tub of stuffed animals for a cute little friend who might not be terribly missed, I found this little monkey and in a whirl of scissors, fabric and thread, transformed this once simple toy into a Numeric Super Hero! For more ideas on using Zero the Hero with your kids, check out these links:

  1. Mrs. Shehan's Kindergarten
  2. Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos 
  3. KinderTeacher 

Another new friend that joined our class is Greater Gator. He helps us learn equivalency skills in math. The Greater Gator always wants the bigger number, cause boy, he's hungry! My little man had a great time cutting out the teeth, gluing the 'jaws' and then  chomping the larger piles of blocks, and counters. 

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